Tuchel pointed out that Singha had to move on to strengthen the team quickly

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Chelsea boss Thomas Tuchel has pointed out that the club must move quickly in the summer transfer market to close the gap at Manchester City and Liverpool.

         “Sing the Blues” finished third in the English Premier League this season. But the score behind “Sailboat” by 19 points and behind the “Reds” 18 points, although at the beginning of the season had gone up Leading the table

         Frustrated with this season’s disappointment, the German urged the ufabet club to move on to buy players as soon as possible to strengthen and close the gap with the two leading teams.

         “It’s going to be a very fierce competition, Manchester United will be in the race and Tottenham will definitely be in the race with Antonio Conte,” Tuchel said when asked about the summer transfer window. this

         “We want to stay competitive and Liverpool and Manchester City do everything to make the team bigger and they set a high standard. This is the challenge we compete with.”

         “At the moment we have a huge offer – that’s not certain. No need for now It’s just a situation that we are in and have to deal with as quickly as possible. Right now, of course, it’s not satisfying because our hands are tied and we can’t do it the way we want.”