Newcastle United wants to buy Hazard

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Newcastle United are hoping to pick up Eden Hazard from Real Madrid when they make a £33.5m offer. It was certainly reject without mercy.

Reports from ‘ El Nacional Catalonia ‘ that after hearing the news Hazard woke up from a dry dream at the Santiago Bernabeu and returned to play in the English Premier League again , causing many camps Interested in ufabet one of them is the death ball like ‘ Salika Dong ‘.

However, the first offer submitted is lower than the opening price from the ‘ White King ‘ set at 42 million pounds ( about 50 million euros ) , so Madrid are not good for the first deal from St. James Park due to looking . that he agreed to sell at a loss of more than 53.5 million pounds From when bought from Chelsea (96 million pounds ) 

However, despite Madrid accepting an offer from Newcastle, Hazard has halt personal talks with Eddie Howe ‘s team. Because they do not want to be downgrade from the Champions League to escape their fall from the Championship. England are also hoping to return to home at Stamford Bridge.

They claim the midfielder has no desire to become part of a side battling for Premier League survival.

And while Van de Beek is willing to move on, the paper claims he will wait for the right opportunity.

Van de Beek, once considered one of Europe’s elite midfielders, needs a good move next in order to reignite his career.