Excited runner angel “Schmidt” prepares for a fashion show in Milan

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I believe that many young sports fans should be familiar with her face, not least for Alika Schmidt, a young German runner. Who has been hail by many media around the world as the sexiest athlete in the world today. After she likes to take pictures to show off her X-shaped body for fans to always be excited about.

As for whirlwinds, the 22-year-old became famous after winning a silver medal. 4×400 meters relay in the European Athletics Championships Under 20s in the summer of 2017, before in July 2019 she and her friend, the Beer City lady whirlwind. will win a bronze medal in the 4×400-meter relay at the European National Athletics Championships Under 23 years of age, they succeeded.

Recently, Schmidt is preparing to fulfill another dream of hers. That is to be a model, where she is invite to walk on the catwalk in a fashion show in Milan, Italy, under the famous brand Hugo Boss (Hugo Boss), which creates excitement. The runner was so young that she had to post it on her IG story.

Of course, with a beautiful, star-studded face couple with the athletic figure that is a model that is comfortable for her In the past, Playboy (Playboy), a world-famous sexy magazine. She have tried to contact ready to spend unlimited Flirt with Schmidt to attend the event. however She confirmed with a strong voice. Rejected every round Which she said that it’s better to get a model-walking job in fashion and art like this

for young men or fans of the running industry. You can follow her on her personal Instagram alicasmd, which now has more than 2.4 million followers.