“Cheri”, a Malaysian net idol, loves basketball

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Eye-catching puppet, mesmerizing face! “Cheri”, a Malaysian net idol, loves basketball. Let’s get to know Cheri Suchada Lowitz, a Malaysian net idol. In addition to being outstanding in shape and appearance. She is also multi-talent.

For the history of Cheri Born on January 9, 1996, currently 25 years old, the younger is outstanding in fashion. Until making many photo shoots since childhood.

With the shape that anyone sees must look plus a face that looks inter mix of asian Because Cheri has a father who is half German-Thai. mother is chinese make her catch the eye of a scout Before having the opportunity to enter the contest and win the crown of Miss Super Talent of the World Malaysia 2016 until being known throughout the country.

In addition, Cheri also likes basketball as a sport, please do when you have free time. She has to work out by wearing sportswear to find a shot pad all the time. including an appearance at the Malaysian Basketball League Both as regular viewers and net idols on a regular basis.